15 Landing Page Trends from Rising Companies, Designers, and Our 25,000+ Users

As our user base grows at LeadPages™, we have the privilege of seeing more and more landing pages created every day.

And as that number of users increases, it becomes clear that more and more businesses and individuals are using landing pages to custom-tailor their marketing messaging to various traffic sources and customer types.

The interesting part? This seems to extend beyond just our user base.

Hiten Shah (co-founder of KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg) recently touched on this in his highly useful weekly newsletter for folks interested in Software-as-a-Service companies, SaaS Weekly:

“I’m noticing a trend with SaaS websites that I love and want to see more of. People are creating landing pages for new feature releases, target audiences and also different ways to describe their product. It’s a great tactic for getting incremental sign ups from curation websites like Growth Hackers, Product Hunt, HackerNews and others. It’s also good for SEO and paid acquisition.”

Hiten then provided links to several of his favorite recent landing pages he’d come across:

While many of these pages were not landing pages in the traditional sense (several are merely pages on the company’s website, sharing the same header and footer navigation as all other pages on the site), a few things became clear:

  1. In many cases, the company was using the page like a landing page.
  2. They were applying a lot of the landing page practices we preach here at LeadPages™.
  3. They were using many of the same trends in these pages that we’re already seeing in the thousands of landing pages our 25,000+ LeadPages™ users create every month, and in the flood of landing page templates independent designers are creating for our template Marketplace.

In this post, I want to introduce you to 15 of the landing page trends present in these nine pages that we’ve also noticed in the pages being created by our users and Marketplace designers.

Why? Simple — because it will show you what’s working best in landing page design right now, so you can implement these ideas in your own pages.

Let’s take a look. Read More

How to Boost Your Lifetime Customer Value by 144%

On this episode of ConversionCast, the official LeadPages™ podcast, Lisa MacQueen, 2014 winner of Infusionsoft’s Small Business ICON award, explains how she boosted her lifetime customer value 144% in the commercial cleaning business (Clean Corp) she owns with her husband.

This episode will show you:

  • How to combine modern technology with old fashioned communication tools
  • Why following up with costumers needs to be automated
  • The 3 essential tools you need to achieve customer loyalty

Listen Below to Learn How to Boost Your Lifetime Customer Value by 144%

NOTE: Lisa MacQueen’s customer value strategy is available for download. Click here to get it.

Lifetime Customer Value Strategy

[Feature Update] The All-New LeadPages™ WordPress Plugin

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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Pages for October – November

With the launch of the LeadPages™ Marketplace (and the addition of several great new templates inside LeadPages™), users are creating more landing pages than ever before.

Today, we want to specifically point out 10 of those landing pages, and show you what makes them stand out. You can easily walk away from this post with a number of ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. KelbyOne: Call to Action Page

Landing Page #1

KelbyOne customized the Call to Action Page template to match their branding and advertise their upcoming Cyber Weekend Sale.

What Stands Out: Scott Kelby from KelbyOne.com created a landing page that would have fit right in among the pages in our recent post about landing pages that can boost your Black Friday and holiday sales.

Not only does this page look great, it offers visitors an attractive opportunity to get access to KelbyOne’s Cyber Weekend deals five days in advance. This is a win-win for visitors and for Scott.

Click here to see this page in action.

Pretty nifty page, right? Well, it’s the next page that really sends this marketing campaign over the top. . . Read More

[New Feature] Share Your Customized LeadPages™ in a Few Clicks

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The Difference Between CRM and ESP (And Which One You Absolutely Need)

Marketing has so many acronyms.

Honestly, look at all these: CPC, WOM, SEO, LTV:CAC, KPI, PTICS-VCIL…

Don’t worry. I made that last one up. At least I hope I did. 

But today, we’re going to focus on two acronyms that leave a lot of first-time marketers scratching their heads: ESP and CRM. 

One of these acronyms is absolutely essential when you use LeadPages™. The other is nice but, as you’ll find out later, most likely won’t be for you (starting off, at least).

Let’s get to the bottom of these two marketing mysteries, shall we? 

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