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Are Your Landing Pages “Mobile-Friendly?”

Are Your Landing Pages “Mobile-Friendly?”

On April 21st, Google released their latest algorithm change, the “mobile-friendly update.” In this update, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites will rank higher in mobile search rankings. Websites that are not optimized for mobile may drop in mobile search rankings in the coming weeks.

Are your landing pages ready for “Mobilegeddon” as many folks in the press and the web community are calling it? If you use LeadPages™ they are. All of our landing page templates and LeadBoxes® are designed to be mobile-responsive, so you can view them easily on any device.

Not a LeadPages™ member? Don’t worry. There are several, very simple things you can do to make sure your landing pages, and your website, are mobile-friendly. Here are answers to some of your questions.

How Will “Mobilegeddon” Impact My Landing Pages?

If your landing pages are already mobile-friendly, this new Google update won’t impact your pages at all. You shouldn’t see any difference in your mobile search engine ranking. If your landing pages are not mobile-friendly, over the next few weeks, they will drop in mobile search rankings, as Google says this update “will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Google also points out that, “the intent of the search query is still a very strong signal.” This means if your landing pages are still relevant to a search and they have quality content, they will still rank well in mobile searches.

Will This Affect All Search Results?

No! And this is very important for you to understand: The only search rankings affected by this algorithm update are mobile searches, meaning searches from smart phones. Tablet and desktop searches will not be affected by this change at all.

Even if you believe your target audience is mainly desktop and tablet users, you should still optimize your landing pages for mobile. Studies show that at least 60% of people use their cell phones to access the Internet. In some areas of the world, mobile phones are the only way to access get online. Even if this new update isn’t hurting your landing pages’ ranking right now, you’ll want to make sure your landing pages are mobile-responsive in the future so you don’t miss out on potential customers.

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