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[Free Course] Digital Marketing for Real Estate Professionals: Start Here for More Buyer Leads, Seller Leads, and Sales


This is something we’ve never done before.

Over the past couple of years at LeadPages®, we’ve created half a dozen marketing courses designed to make everything from webinars to Facebook ads accessible to business owners in just about any industry.

Our newest course is different. It still covers fundamental digital marketing skills and a look at which techniques are really working today—but it’s all within the context of a deep dive into one particular industry: real estate.

Real estate marketing is in an interesting place these days. With the proliferation of online listing sites, in some ways it’s easier than ever to market yourself and your properties digitally. On the other hand, plenty of real estate pros are still using old-school advertising techniques, getting their faces onto bus benches and into newspaper ads.

What kinds of marketing tactics are truly, measurably working in real estate right now? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in our newest course, Digital Marketing for Real Estate Professionals—all based on careful research and the real-life experience of dozens of real estate agents.

Click below to go check out this course now. (It’s totally free inside our Marketing Library, which you can join right now if you’re not already a member.)


We know that, as a real estate pro, you’re always on the go. So we’ve kept this course short and sweet. When you download, you’ll find 5 video modules to watch now and a bunch of bonus content to look through whenever you want some fresh marketing ideas or simply a course refresher.

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43 Lead Generation Ideas (That Actually Work)

43 Lead Generation Ideas (That Actually Work)

When you start a new business, you can get pretty far on one initial burst of entrepreneurial energy.

You have a great idea. You have the passion and knowledge to make it real. And you probably have a pretty good sense of where you can find your first few customers, whether they’re contacts from a past role or members of your community. (If you didn’t know where to find any customers, you probably wouldn’t be starting this business at all.)

4-step button

With all that going for you, you can build up quite a bit of momentum. It’s easy to imagine your growth trending indefinitely upward.

But as the climb gets steeper, you may find yourself slowing down. And it’s not because your business model is flawed, or you’re not good enough at what you do.

It’s just that many of the new customers you imagined you’d find … are staying stubbornly imaginary.

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[Template Download] Get Customers Hanging on Your Words with This Easy E-Book Sales Page

Get Customers Hanging on Your Words with the Easy E-Book Sales Page

It’s quite possible that there’s never been a better time to be an independent e-book author.

As Fortune noted last fall, independently published e-books have swiftly been gaining market share over titles from major publishing houses, heading toward nearly 40% of total units sold.

If you’ve got a book-length idea to share, tools and platforms abound to make the publishing process as simple as possible. The only thing left after that is to market it.

Independent authors can find that part daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. One important piece of the puzzle—your landing page—can come together in a matter of minutes when you use our brand new Easy E-Book Sales Page template. Here’s a preview of the page:


Click below to get your own free copy of this landing page template, or look for it in the standard template library if you already have a LeadPages® account. (If you don’t, you’ll want to download the files, edit them for your own e-book, and host the page on your website—or pass the template along to your web developer.)


We’ve designed this template to be incredibly easy to update. All you really need to make it look great is an image of your e-book’s cover (or another related image) and some compelling copy—which should be no trouble if you’re a writer. If you want to get a bit fancier, there are options for a couple of extras, too.

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LeadBoxes® Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite LeadBoxes® from January 2016


Good marketing helps people find what they’re looking for.

Great marketing gives people what they didn’t know they were looking for.

Call it the art of surprise: the ability to catch an audience’s attention with something that’s a little bit unexpected.

The creators of the 10 most interesting LeadBoxes® we saw this month are masters of this art. Some of their LeadBoxes® surprise visitors with flashy design or quirky copy, while others add a pinch of the unexpected in subtler ways.

If you’d like to make your own opt-in forms more eye-catchingly creative, we’ve got two things for you: all the examples in this post, of course, but also a free pack of 45+ icons and mini-illustrations that put the “pop” in pop-ups. (Of course, you’re welcome to use them elsewhere on your site, too.) Get 35+ simple icons and 10 multicolor mini-illustrations below:

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[Guest Post] How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email Series to Keep New Leads Excited


Editor’s Note: We’re happy to welcome Elisabeth Willits to the LeadPages blog today. Elisabeth spends her days helping people master email marketing at AWeber (one of our favorite email service providers), and in this post she shares her expertise on a crucial step in your email sequence: the welcome email.

Once you’ve created a beautiful landing page and signup form, it’s gratifying to see new subscribers join your email list. It’s evidence of a job well done (and the simple fact that your landing page is working). Hooray!

But if you find yourself asking the following questions:

  • What should I do with those subscribers now?
  • What do I write in my first email?
  • How many emails should I send subscribers, and when should I send them?

… you know the story isn’t over.

Consider your new subscribers for a moment. They were willing to give you their email address. They’re interested in you. They also trust you enough to feel confident you won’t spam them.

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What Is an ESP (and Do I Really Need One)?

What Is an ESP (and Do I Really Need One)?

ESP is an invaluable tool for marketers. Think about it: with extrasensory perception giving you the ability to just know what customers are going to do at any given moment … you’d be unstoppable.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on whether you count yourself among the psychically gifted), that’s not quite what I’m talking about in this post. This kind of ESP is a different kind of tool, and it’s accessible even to those who weren’t born atop a Ouija board under a full moon.

Despite that, an email service provider (ESP) can allow you to accomplish feats of marketing that verge on the uncanny. Use your ESP well, and your leads may find themselves wondering just how you’ve managed to be so in tune with their interests.

We’ll explore some of that in a little bit. But first, let’s look at a few questions new entrepreneurs and marketers tend to have about ESPs when they’re first starting out.

What Is an ESP Exactly? What Does It Do?

Also called an email marketing service, an email service provider allows you to do (at minimum) 2 main things:

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The Easiest Way to Make Your Small Marketing Team More Efficient


If you want to improve the ROI on your small marketing team’s efforts, you’ll find a lot of solutions out there: marketing automation, campaign management, tag management, conversion rate optimization, programmatic advertising …

When there are that many “solutions” out there, it creates a new problem. Sorting through them all can start to seem like a full-time job in itself. Here’s what happened when tried to fit every marketing-technology product out there into one image:


It’s intimidating. And maybe that’s why, despite all of these innovations, many small marketing teams are still facing the same challenges they were 10 years ago.

If your team is like most small marketing teams, you tend to operate on an extremely tight budget. Any new marketing technology has to be carefully vetted to ensure that it’s the right fit for your organization’s limited resources—which can take a long time.

Some teams get overwhelmed or frustrated by the process, and try to maximize ROI simply through struggling to become more productive and efficient with the tools they already have.

There’s a limit to that approach, though. To push past it, I recommend you take a closer look at one solution that’s a bit of an open secret …

It’s affordable.

It works for any marketing team (even if the “team” is just one or two people).

It’s improved conversion rates and increased ROI in every case I’ve heard of.

And it’s been around for more than 15 years.

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